wrgl reapply

Reapply a commit on a branch or reapply an entire transaction.

wrgl reapply {COMMIT BRANCH | TRANSACTION_ID} [flags]


-h, --help

help for reapply

Inherited flags


set Badger log level, valid options are "error", "warning", "debug", and "info" (defaults to "error")


write cpu profile to file


write heap profile to file


output logs to specified file


log verbosity. Higher value means more log


don't display progress bar


parent directory of repo, default to current working directory.


# reapply a commit
wrgl reapply df141fa202642740b73df25e55c0082e main

# reapply a transaction
wrgl reapply e392847b-52ac-448d-9607-718d10f5c43d