wrgl pull

Fetch from and integrate with another repository.

wrgl pull { BRANCH [REPOSITORY [REFSPEC...]] | --all } [flags]

This is shorthand for wrgl fetch [REPOSITORY [REFSPEC...]] followed by wrgl merge BRANCH FETCHED_COMMIT....



pull all branches that have upstream configured

-d, --depth

The maximum depth pass which commits will be fetched shallowly. Shallow commits only have the metadata but not the data itself. In other words, while you can still see the commit history you cannot access its data. If depth is set to 0 then all missing commits will be fetched in full.


when merging a descendant commit into a branch, don't create a merge commit but simply fast-forward branch to the descendant commit. Create an extra merge commit otherwise. This is the default behavior unless merge.fastForward is configured.


only allow fast-forward merges. This is the default when merge.fastForward is set to "only".

-f, --force

force update local branch in certain conditions.

-h, --help

help for pull


ignore branches that cannot be found on remote

-m, --message

merge commit message


perform the merge but don't create a merge commit, instead output merge result to file MERGE_SUM1_SUM2_..._SUMn.csv


always create a merge commit, even when a simple fast-forward is possible. This is the default when merge.fastFoward is set to "never".


don't show mergetool, instead output conflicts (and resolved rows) to file CONFLICTS_SUM1_SUM2_..._SUMn.csv

-n, --num-workers

number of CPU threads to utilize (default to GOMAXPROCS)

-u, --set-upstream

if the remote is fetched successfully, add upstream (tracking) reference, used by argument-less `wrgl pull`.

Inherited flags


set Badger log level, valid options are "error", "warning", "debug", and "info" (defaults to "error")


write cpu profile to file


write heap profile to file


output logs to specified file


log verbosity. Higher value means more log


don't display progress bar


parent directory of repo, default to current working directory.


# pull a branch from remote, setting upstream to the main branch at repo origin
wrgl pull main origin refs/heads/main:refs/remotes/origin/main --set-upstream

# pull a branch from remote with upstream configured
wrgl pull main

# pull all branches that have upstream configured
wrgl pull --all