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Great speed requires great automation and transparency. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my team know exactly how data changes when merging a pull request?
  • Are the people involved get notified when data schema changes?

If the answer is no or if your team has to do anything manual, there is room to improve. Wrgl captures data shape and changes with each code change, thus allowing your team to make decisions and move fast.

Our products

Gain clarity into what data has changed, by whom, and when

Wrgl is a full-fledged version-control system just like Git, but specializes in comparing CSVs. Unlike Git, behind each Wrgl commit is a single CSV table. This allows Wrgl to compute changes down to the cell level. Beyond this main difference, Wrgl's system is purposely modeled after Git so you will find the concepts and commands are all similar.

Built-in battery

The wrgl binary features built-in graphical preview tool, diff tool, and merge tool. You are equipped to get the most out of your historical data without having to install any other third-party application.

Open source

Wrgl core technology is open-sourced under Apache 2.0 license. Visit our Github repository to find out more.


Hosted repository

If you want to avoid the hassle of hosting your own repository, hosting it on WrglHub is a solid choice. As a bonus, you get centralized access control of your repositories. No need to configure each and every repository individually.

Intuitive web interface

WrglHub comes with powerful web-based filter and diff tools. Review all the changes without ever leaving the comfort of your browser.

Collaborate with shareable embeds

Your data is already online, why not make it easily accessible by partners and colleagues? WrglHub provides various embeds for table and diff, which can be easily added to any CI/CD dashboard , or blog post.

Continuous data integration made easy

Setup automation with CI systems such as GitHub action. Thanks to wrgl transaction, you can review all the changes that will be made in a single place before applying everything.

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Wrgl in action

IPNO's public data repository

This repository contains personnel and complaint data integrated from 70+ police agencies in Louisiana. It demonstrates how data changes and data profiles look like on WrglHub.

Integrate with GitHub pull request

IPNO's data pipeline is automatically triggered whenever a pull request is open. Potential data changes are then available in a comment, allowing the reviewer to review and understand a pull request before merging. Merging the pull request applies the data changes.


“Wrgl has proven itself to be a key tool in our data wrangling and publishing workflows. It makes it easy for our team to share new data, keep track of changes, and efficiently query diffs, plus we use wrglhub to publish searchable embeds online.”

Rajiv Sinclair

Co-founder at Public Data Works

“We love Wrgl’s command line binary because now our live pipelines can seamlessly handle data as data, while tracking changes/versioning at every step along the way.”

Ayyub Ibrahim

Research Associate at Innocence Project New Orleans

Great speed requires great automation and transparency.

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